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We are dedicated and designed specifically to help businesses and organizations with the technological challenges of the 21st century.

We have 3 programs especially designed to assist you to take your vision to the world.

Our Basic Membership Program – Web hosting; Email and PERSONAL SERVICE GUARANTEE – (Single Domain; UNLIMITED Disk Space (for website only); UNLIMITED Bandwidth; UNLIMITED Email accounts) - Annual Membership - $150

Our Premium Membership Program – We create your site and email addresses for you – PLUS we MAINTAIN and UPDATE the site for you! Now all you have to do is contact us and IT IS DONE! Annual Membership - $400

Our Non-Profit E-Newsletter and E-Magazine Program – Connect with your members; increase attendance; promote your message! Contact us for details on how we can help your church or non-profit organization.Need a website for your business or organization? Then look no further!

Need a new website?  Need video on your site?  Want to do social streaming?  No problem!  We are here to assist YOU!

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14 Reasons to join the Vision Resources Network

1. First - You can have your own World Class Website using our easy to use content management system. (This site is created using the same system.) For our Basic Membership Program - We work with you to create your initial site to your specifications. Once approved, we then we TEACH and MENTOR YOU how to maintain your site so that you experience no more waiting for an outside company to update your time sensitive information. However, we are always here to work with you to assist you through the process. Additionally, we will optimize your site to be displayed correctly on mobile devices. And, if you desire, we will even show you where you can create your own mobile phone AP as well!

2. Corporate Branding - Including Icon & Tagline Development – We teach your how to create and then promote YOUR brand to build image and name recognition!

3. Search Engine Optimization – What good does it do to have a killer site if no one can find it? We register and do SEO for both for your site and your corporate brand. We are certified webmasters with Google, Bing, and several other search engine providers.

4. Email and Newsletter Marketing. We show you how to reach the world using E-Marketing techniques - including programs, education and assistance to send out E-Newsletters, Phone Blasts and Mass Mailings.

5. Telephony & SMS services. People connect differently today. We show you how to use the power of technology to instantly stay in touch with your contacts.

6. Video services. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? More and more video has become a part of the way we interact and communicate with people. We show you how to use video for live video streaming, small group video conferencing, video communication services, and of course for your website enhancement as well. Additionally we can even suggest several free or low cost commercial video editing programs so that your videos can have a professional look.

7. Payments, Donations, Pledges & Invoicing. We teach you ho to accept funds via debit and credit cards BOTH online and offline.

8. Online store – Sell your branded products on your own online store.

9. E-book Creation – In the past the cost of just printing a book stopped many authors from marketing their ideas. All that has changed! For an additional fee of only $50 per book we convert your completed transcript into a marketable e-book! Then we can even help you register with Amazon and Barnes & Noble so you can sell your e-book on their sites and your own store. (Note - Since April 1, 2011 Amazon sold 105 books for its Kindle e-reader for every 100 hardcover and paperback books, including books without Kindle versions and excluding free e-books. LINK) The time to market your ideas is now!

10. Facebook and Social Media Integration. We suggest ways to integrate your site and information to maximize your groups web exposure.

11. We provide a technology RESOURCE DATABASE of programs and technological information that is designed to help businesses and organizations. Turn problems and limitations into possibilities with our expert advice.

12. Links to free software & thousands of open source programs. Many of our clients are amazed at the number of FREE alternatives we offer to expensive commercial programs. Why pay for what you can get for free?

13. Most importantly – Our Personal Service – Many internet services CLAIM to have personal service. But when you need them you are either asked to submit ticket (and get an email response to your questions) OR you are connected to a poorly trained assistant in a 3rd world country. We are a small company and we give you our ONE on ONE PERSOANL service!

14. The Bottom Line - Cost - Many companies spend THOUSANDS of dollars to develop a web presence. But you don't need to! We give you to tools, know how and training to EASILY create and maintain a killer website. How much? There is an initial ONE TIME fee of $300, then you must renew your membership every year - $150. That's it!

How do we accomplish all of this?

We take a threefold approach to help us accomplish our goals.

First: We are a complete website creation, development and hosting company. While we recognize that there are literally 1000’s of web designers and hosting companies available for you to choose from, most will create a website for you and then you are done. Our program only BEGINS with web development. We recognize that the web is the initial platform that many of today’s emerging technologies are built upon. (More and more of today’s software is becoming web or “cloud” based.) Your “site” becomes a launching pad for you to interact with the various social mediums, and internet communication technologies that are now available. (This literally allows you to reach around the world with your message!)

Second: Through the use of online videos; internet classes and our unique one-on-one mentoring program we teach you to maintain your site (so you will no longer need to pay expensive web designers to keep your website up to date) and utilize the 1000’s of free programs and resources we provide to make your organization more productive.
Note - Most people prefer NOT to maintain their own site. No Problem!  Upgrade to our Premium Membership Program and we will maintain your website for you!

Third: We can do a complete analysis of your current operation and offer creative ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of your organization. We will assist you in analyzing your organizations needs to show you how you can use existing technologies to become more productive.

How do we do this? Easy. Because we are a small company our overhead is low.  Also, we are a “network”.  We simply ask all of our members to notify us when they find a program or service that has been useful to them or that they feel might be of help to someone else. When that happens, we check it out, and add it to our extensive list. Consequently we now have 1000’s of FREE programs and services available to assist you.

We provide all of this or less than most companies charge for web hosting alone! Contact us so that we can see how our program can benefit YOU!

We Educate YOU - Equip YOU - and Empower YOU!
Our goal is to help YOU fulfill YOUR vision to reach the world!

Get Started today - CALL - 850-960-4869